Launch: Smart-HR Website

CWS is proud to announce the launch of the Smart-HR website!

What is Smart-HR?

Smart-HR is a “sister” website of Smart-Fill, dedicated to a broad number of employer service solutions. Centering their services around administrative, human resources, workers compensation, employee benefits, payroll, and more; Smart-HR aims to be an all in one solution for entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

What Smart-HR was looking for...

Smart-HR needed a website that would compliment their sister website. Their second objective was to help them build, engage, and retain their clients. They needed their website to be easily accessible, navigable, and informative for all demographics of clientele.

What CWS did for them...

CWS web developer, Joe Milbach, created a visually stunning and engaging website. With a simplified navigation system, customers could easily find Smart-HR’s services, contact information, and basic educational information on what Smart-HR provides. Joe also utilized a type of responsive web design making it possible to access Smart-HR from your smartphone or tablet!

Congratulations to Smart-HR on the launch of their new website!

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