It's Innovation Week at CWS!

In one year, tech space changes significantly. Businesses need to adapt, grow, learn and change. At CWS, we are no different; which is why we created Innovation Week. Innovation Week was an innovation in itself, brought to us by our own, Mike Schnell.

The goal of Innovation Week is to inspire CWS employees to create and present ideas that will lead our business into the future. Be it through a better connection to our customers, new means of serving our customers, or ways we can make everyone’s jobs a little easier.

These ideas went before an internal committed and four were chosen for presentations (see photos) before the entire group. One winner’s idea will be implemented in the next quarter. (Plus there are cash awards!)

So how do you go about implementing innovative ideas? It starts with leadership. Without strong leadership innovation can turn into disaster.

Here are a 3 quick tips you can implement into your business when you start your own personal innovative projects:


1. Resources and dedication

Resources don’t mean just money; although, it helps. It also means having the proper team of personnel together that knows, and are in tune with, what they need to do to achieve this goal. It also means that your team believes in your goal, because if one wheel falls off, the whole car breaks down.


2. Understand that you may get misunderstood

When your business implements new, innovative ideas you may have to wait for your market to catch up. Not to be too cliche, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Leaders need to stand tall when it comes to their ideas, because doubt will kill it.


3. Humility

The most important step when implementing a new innovation is that you take a real look at it. Leaders tend to baby their project, and they do not want to look past their own ideas for help. That is why you have employees! Taking advice and ideas from employees won’t only boost their morale, overall it will make your innovation even greater.


At CWS we just went through our first Innovation Week. The ideas far surpassed our expectations. The presentations were fun and a great learning experience and we actually had several great ideas submitted.

Stay tuned! CWS will announce our Innovation Week winner soon.

(We can’t tell you now, our winner doesn't even know yet)