A Better Way to Notify People About Your Events: EventSent

If your organization holds events, you not only have to plan and execute the perfect event, you also have to get people there. How many times have you heard, "I would have come if I'd known about it!" or "I forgot. It wasn't on my calendar."

That's why EventSent was developed. EventSent is an easy and inexpensive way to create an event and then easily push it to:

1. Your Website
2. Your Facebook Page
3. And to an Email Blast

Three methods of reaching possible attendees!
Once the attendee reads the event, they can add it to their personal calendar with one click. Additional features allow you to link to registration forms or make reservations.

The cost starts at just $99/month depending on your email list.

What's your biggest issue in getting folks to attend your events? Submit it here and maybe the EventSent developers can provide a solution.