Dodge Hackers with This Easy Security Tip

Hackers have been busy this holiday season and have discovered an easy way to break into your secured online accounts. The "Forgot My Password" feature has been the source of the most recent hacks. Here's how they do it: They target your account and use the security question option to reset your password.

Security questions are those you enter when you forget your password. Common security questions are: "What city/street did you grow up on?" or "What's your mother's maiden name?" Hackers find the answers to these standard security questions by doing a simple search and paying a small fee through WhitePages.com.

Here is an easy way to protect yourself; simply change the answer to your security question to something completely unrelated. Example; if the question is "What city/street did you grow up on?" your answer could be "I like chocolate." Keep yourself and your friends safe. Share this easy tip and help your friends Dodge The Hackers!