Live Chat Support Now Available

Do you ever wish you could ask CWS a quick support question online instead of sending an email or calling? In addition to our new client portal, you now have another option to connect with CWS.

As of last week, a LIVE CHAT feature can now be found in the lower right portion of our website.

This will allow you to ask a CWS team member your question and gain immediate feedback. Although we may not be able to fix all issues via our Live Chat feature, this feature will allow us to help you with general support issues like email setup or mobile device configuration.

Live Chat support is currently available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm CST. After hours, you’ll be prompted to “leave a message” which will be emailed to our support team.

Live Chat is just another option for CWS to serve you better. You can still call our office at 507.289.2229 or email us at support@cws.net.

If you have other questions, visit us on our LIVE CHAT!