Meet CWS:  Sheryl Barlow

Name: Sheryl Barlow

Tell us what you're busy doing at CWS: All things marketing. Developing marketing messages, consulting, media planning. What's kept me very busy lately: Helping clients with their social media marketing.

Describe Yourself Using One Word: Optimistic

Hometown: I claim three hometowns, (we moved a few times) Scranton, IA, then Riceville, IA, then LeRoy, MN.

Family: Bob (husband) Brady 11 (son) Tank (Cat #1) Jazz (Cat #2)

Hobbies/Interests: Writing, Running, Attending my son's youth sports events

Favorite Sports Team(s): My son's baseball and basketball team.

Famous Person You'd Like to Meet: Julia Cameron or Stephanie Meyer, both are women who have had novels made into movies.

Something You'd Like to Learn to Do: Write a screen play.

Favorite Website: http://www.facebook.com/. I'm addicted.

Favorite Travel Destination: I love going to downtown Chicago. I've always had an incredible time there.

Last "Gadget" You Purchased: Can't remember but I want an I-phone, new laptop, wireless printer, ipad. In that order.

Favorite Book: The Artist Way by Julia Cameron.

Favorite Food:Potatoes-Baked, Mashed, Hash Browns, Fried. It's my Achilles' heel.

Favorite Movie: The Color Purple, Forrest Gump, Fried Green Tomatoes, Dances with Wolves