Launch: Break the Silence Against Child Abuse

Last year, a very successful business associate of mine named Brad Sugars was feeling charitable during the holiday season. Using Facebook, he asked his friends what THEY wanted for Christmas, citing that he was going to grant one wish to a friend. As you can imagine the comments on the post quickly grew into the hundreds. People asked for a wide range of items such as cars, jewelry, help with their businesses, consulting time and donations to their favorite causes.

I wished for the opportunity to play a round of golf with Brad.

A Facebook friend of Brad wished for a website for her foundation, National Foundation of Break the Silence Against Child Abuse. I didn't know this person but saw an opportunity to spread goodwill through our amazing talents here at CWS, Inc. So, I challenged Brad by offering to grant Dana's wish (a website) if he would grant mine (golf). As you can see by the thread below, he happily obliged:


About this Project:

The mission is compelling: to be a voice for abused children. The need was even more compelling: create a new website and brand image for the foundation to spread its message and create public awareness.

The foundation was created in 2002 by Dana Daniels, who is a survivor of child abuse and a passionate advocate for ensuring that abused or neglected children have a voice in determining what is best for their own care and well-being -- and that no child is forgotten.

Screen shot 2010-10-25 at 1.31.28 PM

Our first task with the organization was to help create a logo that matched the mission and vision. The image of a child was purposely placed in red indicating the need for attention. The child is reaching for a blue dove (symbolizing peace and calm) that is just out of reach: a call to help the child obtain it.

sign1Once the logo was approved, work began on the website with attention to information, background and a way to donate. We also helped to design yard signs that will be used to promote overall awareness, plus events and activities.

It was our pleasure to work with Dana and the National Foundation of Break the Silence Against Child Abuse.

Note: I have yet to play the round of golf with Brad (as he spends more time on a plane than the golf course) but will be sure to follow up with another blog post when it happens. However, several other people were granted their wishes... including a trailer to feed the homeless, a coach to work with a charity, Christmas presents for a family in need and books for a childrens hospital. Keep up the good work, "Santa" Sugars.

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