CWS Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary!

Way back in 1996, our founder Alan de Keyrel was a college student with an entrepreneurial flair. He started Corporate Web Services in his basement with website hosting services and began a fulfilling journey of helping businesses succeed online.

Now, our services have grown beyond hosting to include website development, web programming, social media and marketing services. Our growing team is composed of 25 motivated digital growth experts ranging from programmers and web designers to marketers and strategists.

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A Data Driven Website: Our First 90 Days With Growth-Driven Design

The digital marketing world continues to evolve at an incredible rate as technology and information access grows. Earlier this year,’s CHO Alan De Keyrel, published an article about an impactful and groundbreaking methodology called Growth Driven-Design. He explains why he feels that after 20 years of designing websites for clients, website redesigns are dead. Since that time, CWS has been focused on applying this methodology to our clients and the website. After the first 90/180 days, we have learned a lot and have some great results to share.

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Inbound Marketing Methodology: 5 Questions Answered

Digital agencies’ tongues have been wagging over Inbound Marketing for the last few years, but there is still confusion among business owners. I recently discussed these issues with our own Tracy Lauritzen, who works closely with clients, and she provided helpful insight. It’s not uncommon to get the big ol’ shoulder shrug followed by, “I have no idea what that is,” as we begin discussing Inbound Marketing with our clients.

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Meet CWS: Sarah Flatness

Tell us what you're busy doing at CWS: I am a Project Manager intern and have been working closely with Jonny and Alex, the other Project Managers at CWS. I am learning about the inner workings of various projects and tasks and what it takes to create something that clients will love.

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Meet CWS: Brady Barlow

Tell us what you're busy doing at CWS: I’m a marketing intern, learning the details of CWS’s inbound marketing skills and practicing them by creating valuable and relevant content.

Describe Yourself Using One Word: Intelligent 

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