4 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Sales Strategy Starting TODAY!

When it comes to sales, social media isn’t the first place most people start when they want to sell something. We’ve, in fact, been scolded in the past for even thinking about selling on Facebook.

Can I be honest with you? We were a little too paranoid back then.

The landscape of social media is changing and the mix of brands and users has never been this large. We now realize we CAN, in fact, sell on social media - we just have to be smart about it.

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Do We Need an App? 5 Things to Consider

Apps have made their way into everyday life; there is quite literally, an ‘app for that’. Apps look pretty and function well, but the reality is they’re expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Before you do your research, outline what functions you want the app to perform, and how that process is currently being handled. Unless you have a specific purpose or function that is easier to complete within an app environment, an app isn’t necessary for your website strategy. Instead, consider concentrating on making your website optimized, mobile-friendly, and responsive.

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